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Visit also the SALIERI System and Language Homepage where you will find information on SALIERI, the powerful and versatile computer music system and language.

The GUIDO Music Notation Format Homepage

The GUIDO Music Notation Format is a formal language for score level music representation. It is a plain-text, i.e. readable and platform independent format capable of representing all information contained in conventional musical scores. The basic GUIDO Format is very flexible and can be easily extended and adapted to capture a wide variety of musical features beyond conventional musical notation (CMN). The GUIDO design is strongly influenced by the objective to facilitate an adequate representation of musical material, from tiny motives up to complex symphonic scores.

GUIDO is a general purpose musical notation format; the intended range of application includes notation software, compositional and analytical systems and tools, performance systems, and large musical databases. It is powerful, flexible, easily portable, and human readable.

- GUIDO News and Announcements
The latest news and announcements on new developments and updates of this website and its contents.

- GUIDO NoteServer
The GUIDO NoteServer is free online service that converts GUIDO Music Notation into conventional music notation (CMN). It can be used for graphically notating musical pieces and examples as well as for embedding music notation in web pages. Try it out!

- GUIDO Implementations
The GUIDO parser module (C sources), tools for manipulating GUIDO files, and pointers to programs supporting GUIDO.

- GUIDO Documentation
The GUIDO Format Specification, papers on GUIDO, slides from talks on GUIDO.

- GUIDO Demos
Sample GUIDO files which demonstrate usage of the various features of GUIDO.

- Presse Archiv [in german]
Newspaper articles describing the work of our project-group.

- About GUIDO
Find out about the people behind GUIDO, its historical roots, and the SALIERI computer music project which it is part of.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions concerning GUIDO or this website, please send us email. All sorts of comments on the GUIDO Format or any part of this website are extremely welcome; if you are planning to realise a software product which uses or supports GUIDO, please contact us for support.

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