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SALIERI Language - Operator "div" (_DIV)

_DIV: integer x integer -> integer

Call syntax:
_DIV(x, y)
x div y

The binary infix operator "div" realises arithmetic division on integers; there is a corresponding predefined function _DIV, such that a div b and _DIV(a,b) are equivalent expressions.

"div" on negative arguments is defined such that the following equalities hold:

x div -y = -x div y
-x div -y = x div y

In expressions, "div" binds stronger than "+" and "-", but weeker than list element access (@) and the length operator (#).

The operator "div" is used to compute integer division remainders while "/" realises real division.

> 13 div 5
Result= 2
> 13 div -5
Result= -2
> -13 div 5
Result= -2
> -13 div -5
Result= 2

See also: Operator "/", Operator "mod", Operators and Expressions.

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