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SALIERI Language - comb

comb: sequence x sequence -> sequence

Call syntax:
comb(seq1, seq2)

Returns the sequence which is obtained by combining the melodic contour of seq1 with the rhythmic contour of seq2. Intensity and instrument settings are taken from seq1, and tempo settings from seq2.

If seq1 and seq2 have different lengths (number of notes), the shorter of them is repeated as often as required to make the lengths identical.

> rhythm := [_/8 _/16 _/16 _16 _/16 _/8]
> melody := [c0 a h f d0 g]
> comb(melody, rhythm)
Result= [ c0/8 a0/16 h0/16 f0/16 d0/16 g0/8 ]
> Cha_Cha_Cha := [_/8 _/8 _/16 _/16 _/8]
> comb(melody, Cha_Cha_Cha)
Result= [ c0/8 a0/8 h0/16 f0/16 d0/8 g0/8 ]
> comb([c d], Cha_Cha_Cha)
Result= [ c0/8 d0/8 c0/16 d0/16 c0/8 ]

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