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SALIERI Language - load

load: fileString -> ()

Call syntax:

load reads the workspace file named filename and adds the object contained there into the workspace. If no extension is specified in filename, ".WSP" is automatically added as a default extension.

This function can overwrite objects in the current workspace. This happens, whenever an object in the loaded workspace has a name which was also present in the current workspace. In this case, to avoid losing data, saving the current workspace (using sync or save) should be considered before calling load.

Error conditions:
An error condition arises, if the filename filename is invalid or the corresponding file cannot be read.

> load("salieri.wsp")
Loading workspace from salieri.wsp ... Done
> load("test")
Loading workspace from test.wsp ... Done
> load("a.p.s")
Error in command-line:
Can't open file: a.p.s
(occured while executing function "load").

See also: save, sync.

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