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SALIERI Language - retro

retro: string -> string
retro: list -> list
retro: sequence -> sequence
retro: segment -> segment

Call syntax:

retro can be applied to any serial object s and returns its retrograde. For segments, retro returns the segment obtained by applying retro to each voice of s individually.

> retro(gepetto)
Results = ottepeg
> sq:=[a1/8 c/4 d g f# h/16]
> >retro(sq)
Result= [ h1/16 f#1/4 g1/4 d1/4 c1/4 a1/8 ]
> retro(retro(sq))
Result= [ a1/8 c1/4 d1/4 g1/4 f#1/4 h1/16 ]
> seg:={[a h c], [c d e]}
> retro(seg)
Result= SEGM([ c1/4 h1/4 a1/4 ],[ e1/4 d1/4 c1/4 ])

See also: infix, ins, del, + (concatenation).

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