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SALIERI Language - saveAsMidi

saveAsMidi: fileString x segment -> ()
saveAsMidi: fileString x segment x integer x integer -> ()

Call syntax:
saveAsMidi(filename, opus)
saveAsMidi(filename, opus, meter_enumerator, meter_denominator)

saveAsMidi saves note segment opus as a MIDI file named filename. If for the filename no suffix is specified, the suffix file .mid is automatically appended. For compatibility reasons, a time signature for opus can be specified using the optional parameters meter_enumerator and meter_denominator. When using newer versions of SALIERI, the \meter tag should be used to specify time signatures for musical data.

Error conditions:
An error condition occurs, if filename is no syntactically correct filename or the file cannot be created.

> saveAsMidi("test", opus)
Creating MIDI-file test.mid ... Done
> saveAsMidi("Z:bsl nowherebsl test", opus)
Error in command-line:
Can't write file: Z:bsl nowherebsl test.wsp
(occured while executing function "saveAsMidi")

See also: play

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