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SALIERI Language - SEQ

SEQ: string -> sequence

Call syntax:

SEQ converts a given string object str into a sequence value; str has to represent a valid note sequence constant without the delimiting brackets.

Error conditions:
If the given string object does not correspond to a valid note sequence constant, a parse error will occur. If invalid note names are detected, they are interpreted as rests and a warning is given on the system dialog.

> SEQ("c1/4 d/8 f g/2")
Result= [ c1/4 d1/8 f1/8 g1/2 ]
> SEQ("")
Result= [ ]
> SEQ("[c e f]")
Error in command-line:
Unknown character: ]
(occured while executing function "SEQ")
> SEQ("c or f")
Warning: Unknown notename [or], replaced by rest.
Result= [ c1/4 _/4 f1/4 ]
> SEQ("12 3 4")
Error in command-line:
parse error
(occured while executing function "SEQ")

See also: sequence (object type).

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