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SALIERI Language - transp

transp: segment x integer -> segment
transp: sequence x integer -> sequence

Call syntax:
transp(segm, k)
transp(seq, k)

Returns the segment obtained by chromatically transposing each voice of segm by k semitones. Negative values of k indicate downward, positive values indicate upward transpositions. This function can also be applied to sequence objects.

For extended transposition functions, see transpTonal and transcr.

Error conditions:
Extreme values for k can cause transp to return invalid results.

> C_DUR:= [c1/4 d e f g a h]
> transp(C_DUR, 5)
Result= [ f1/4 g1/4 a1/4 a#1/4 c2/4 d2/4 e2/4 ]
> transp(C_DUR,12)
Result= [ c2/4 d2/4 e2/4 f2/4 g2/4 a2/4 h2/4 ]
> transp(C_DUR,-7)
Result= [ f0/4 g0/4 a0/4 a#0/4 c1/4 d1/4 e1/4 ]

See also: transpTonal, transcr, alter, alterTonal.

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