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SALIERI Language - string (Object Type)

This object type is used to represent character strings. Constants of type string are arbitrary sequences of character enclosed by double quotes, e.g. "any string".

The basic operations on strings are concatenation (+), substring extraction (infix), length (#), and substring location (posNext). These operations are analogously defined on note sequences and lists. Character positions within strings are numbered 1,2,3, and so on.

Note, that there is no special object type for single characters, as these can be conveniently represented by strings of length 1.

> s1 := "indefinite sensations"
> s1
Result= "indefinite sensations"
> #s1
Result= 21
> s1 + ", says Poe"
Result= "indefinite sensations, says Poe"
> infix(s1,11,9)
Result= "sensation"
> posNext(s1,"finite",1)
Result= 5

See also: +, length (#), infix, posNext, sequence (Object Type), list (Object Type), Predefined Functions, Operators and Expressions.

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