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SALIERI Language - view

view: segment -> ()
view: segment x string -> ()

Call syntax:
view(opus, title)

view causes the note segment opus to be displayed in musical notation. view converts the given segment into SALIERI symbolic musical notation format and writes it into a temporary file placed in directory SALTMPDIR (as specified in section ENVIRONMENT of SALIERI.INI). This file is then displayed by the SALIERI noteviewer. If title is specified, it is displayed as the window caption of the noteviewer window.

Error conditions:
Problems in using this functions may be caused by improperly installed SALIERI Noteviewer or an incorrect environment setting SALTMPDIR (as specified in section ENVIRONMENT of SAL.INI).

> view(opus)
Creating SVW-File _tmp0.nvw ... Done
> view(opus, "My opus 1")
Creating SVW-File _tmp1.nvw ... Done

See also: play.

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