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Demos and Applications

This page contains some simple demos and application for the SALIERI System and Language. We hope that this collection will be continuously growing and soon contain more sophisticated SALIERI applications. Your contributions are very welcome (please contact us by email if you want to contribute to this collection).

Simple Arpeggio Generator

Contains two simple arpeggio generators; up() is used to arpeggiates a scale in upward direction, sweep() in upward and downward direction.
» SALIERI source code (1k)
» sample output (MIDI file, 3k) (function call: up([c/32 e g],[c4],10))

Simple Aleatoric Composition

Generates randomized note sequences; this can be done very easily and intuitively in SALIERI: function random() creates successively a sequence of randomly selected notes from a given scale while the durations are randomly selected between 1/8 and 1/32.
» SALIERI source code (1k)
» sample output (MIDI file, 2k) (function call: random())

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