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Visit also the new GUIDO Music Notation Website where you will find information on GUIDO, a novel approach for adequate music representation.

The SALIERI System and Language Homepage

The SALIERI System is an interactive software environment for structure oriented composition, manipulation and analysis of music. It is based on the SALIERI Language, a newly developed programming language which has been designed to facilitate specification and manipulation of musical material on the score level.

- SALIERI News and Announcements
The latest news and announcements on new developments and updates of this website and its contents.

- Implementations of the SALIERI System, Download Area
The shareware distribution for Win 3.xx / Win95, information about planned extensions and upcoming versions.

- SALIERI Documentation
Documentation for the SALIERI Language and the SALIERI System implementations.

- SALIERI System Libraries
A (hopefully) fast growing collection of useful SALIERI function libraries from various application areas.

- SALIERI Demos and Applications
Small SALIERI program samples from various musical application areas, information about planned and ongoing work on future applications.

Find out about the people behind SALIERI, its historical roots, and the computer music project in which it is used as a principal tool.

For more information about SALIERI, visit also the SALIERI Project Home Page.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions concerning SALIERI or this website, please send us email. All sorts of comments on the SALIERI Language, System, or any part of this website are extremely welcome; if suggestions lead to considerable improvements, proper credits will be given!

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