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SALIERI News and Announcements


The new Shareware Version 2.3 of the SALIERI System (for Windows 3.1) is now available! For free download, click here!
The new Shareware Version 2.3 of the SALIERI System (for Windows 95/NT) is now available! For free download, click here!
The SALIERI Language Online Reference and Help is available now (see Documentation), both online and as a installation package for download. This contains complete english documentation of the SALIERI Language in an easily accessible form, including examples for all SALIERI built-in functions.

Also, the english Version of the SALIERI v2.0 Tutorial is now available (see Documentation), including an update sheet for the current version 2.0.7c of the SALIERI Language.

Finally, the GUIDO Music Notation Format Homepage is online now, including the specification of the Basic GUIDO Music Notation Format and some examples.


English versions for the SALIERI for Windows Helpfiles, the SALIERI Standard Libs, and the SALIERI Language Reference Manual will be available on this Website. We are also planning to offer an extensive collection of sample SALIERI programs, please contact us if you want to contribute.

We apologise for the delay, in the meanwhile the SALIERI Online Reference and Help provides complete and easily accessible information on the SALIERI Language in english (see Documentation).

late 1997 / early 1998
Release of both the commercial full version and an updated freeware version of SALIERI for Windows. New features will include:
It is not yet decided which of these features will be available in the new freeware version. As the development proceeds, we will provide more detailed information. Keep watching this site!

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