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SALIERI Language - Operator "!=" (_UNEQ)

_UNEQ: obj_1 x obj_2 -> boolean

Call syntax:
_UNEQ(x, y)
x != y

The binary infix operator "!=" realises the inequality relation on arbitrary object types. It works exactly like the equality operator "=", but returns FALSE if equality testing returns TRUE, FALSE otherwise. For details, see the description of the equality operator "=".

In expressions, "!=" binds stronger than the boolean operators, but weeker than the arithmetic, length, or list access operators.

Error conditions:
Applied to operands obj_1 and obj_2 of incompatible types, the inequality operator causes an error condition to occur.

Result= TRUE
> 0.01 != 0.01012
Result= TRUE
> "abc" != "abcd"
Result= TRUE
> ("a","bc","d") != ("a","bc")+LIST("d")
Result= FALSE
> [c1/4 d2/2] != [c1/4 d2/4]
Result= TRUE
> FUNC(0,`return(1)') != FUNC(1, `return(1)')
Result= TRUE
> length != IFUNC("length")
Result= FALSE

See also: Operator "!=" (_UNEQ), Operators and Expressions.

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