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SALIERI Language - fragm

fragm: segment x real x real -> segment
fragm: sequence x real x real -> sequence

Call syntax:
fragm(segm, pstart, plen)

fragm returns the fragment of segment segm beginning at beat position pstart with a relative duration of plen beats. The firsts beat of segm has beat position 0; beat positions or relative durations are uniquely determined by the values of the notes and rests in segm. If necessary, fragm splits note to extract the specified fragment (see examples).

If pstart is a negative number, the fragment is extracted beginning at d - |pstart|, where d is the duration of segm, i.e. the beat position of its right margin.

If plen is a negative number, pstart specifies the right margin of the fragment to be extracted, while the actual start-position (left margin) is calculated as pstart - |plen|.

fragm can also be applied to note sequences.

Error conditions:
fragm returns an empty segment (or sequence), if both pstart and pstart +plan are outside the range of valid beat positions of segm.

> sg:={[e/2 f],[g/2 a]}
> fragm(sg,0,3/4)
Result= SEGM([ e1/2 f1/4 ],[ g1/2 a1/4 ])
> fragm(sg,1,-1/4)
Result= SEGM([ f1/4 ],[ a1/4 ])
> fragm(sg,-1/2,-1/4)
Result= SEGM([ e1/4 ],[ g1/4 ])
> fragm(sg,3/2,-1/2)
Result= SEGM([ ],[ ])
> gMajor:=[g a h c2 d e f#]
> fragm(gMajor, 1/16, 3/4)
Result= [ g1*3/16 a1/4 h1/4 c2/16 ]
> fragm(gMajor, 3/8, 3/4)
Result= [ a1/8 h1/4 c2/4 d2/8 ]

See also: duration, part.

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