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SALIERI Language - part

part: segment x integer -> sequence

Call syntax:
part(segm, i)

part returns part i of segment segm.

If segm is the name of a segment object, the notation segm(i) can be used instead of part(segm,i).

Error conditions:
If i is not a valid part number, i.e., between 1 and parts(segm), the result of part is meaningless; however, in the present implementation no error condition arises.

> part([{c1/4,e,g}],3)
Result= [g1/4]
> sg := {[d2/2 f#],[h2/2 a]}
> sg(1)
Result= [d2/2 f2#/2]
> part(sg,2)
Result= [h2/2 a2/2]

See also: parts, poly, SEGM.

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