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SALIERI Language - parts (#)

parts: segment -> integer
#: segment -> integer

Call syntax:

parts returns the number of parts (voices) of segment segm. This value will be zero if and only if segm is the empty segment. parts can also be applied to sequences and will then return 1.

Instead of parts(segm), the equivalent notation #segm can be used, where segm is an arbitrary expression of type segment or sequence.

> parts([{c1/4,e,g}])
Result= 3
> sg := {[d2/2 f#],[h2/2 a]}
> #sg
Result= 2
> parts(sg)
Result= 2
> parts({})
Result= 0
> parts([e1/8 c h a/4])
Result= 1

See also: part, poly, SEGM.

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