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SALIERI Language - instr

instr: segment x integer -> segment
instr: sequence x integer -> sequence

Call syntax:
instr(segm, int)

instr returns the segment which is obtained from segm by setting the instrument for each voice to int.

The values of the instrument parameter int have to be between 0 and 127; they refer to the instrument codes as specified by the General MIDI Standard; playback may depend on the sound equipment being used and its installation.

This function can also be applied to sequences instead of segments.

Error conditions:
Illegal values for int may cause arbitrary results; however, no error condition occurs in these cases.

This function is based on a music represention model which will soon be replaced by the more powerful GUIDO Notation Format; very likely, it will be not supported in this form in future versions of SALIERI.

See also: cresc, accel, getInstr.

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