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SALIERI Language - invert

invert: segment -> segment
invert: sequence -> sequence

Call syntax:

Returns the segment obtained from segm by reversing the intervals in each voice; the first note of each voice remains unchanged and rests remain unaffected. invert is a chromatic variator function; therefore notes with accidentals are converted to the corresponding chromatic pitch-classes. invert can also be applied to note sequences.

> seq:=[_/8 g1 h d2 g1 g2]
> invert(seq)
Result= [ _/8 g1/8 dis1/8 c1/8 g1/8 g0/8 ]
> seq:=[g1/8 _ h d2 _ g#-1 g&-3]
> invert(seq)
Result= [ g1/8 _/8 dis1/8 c1/8 _/8 fis3/8 ais5/8 ]

See also: retro.

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