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SALIERI Language - System Setting "noteNames"

Values: "diatonic", "chromatic", "DoReMi"
Default: "diatonic"

This system setting controls the notenames used for the textual output of musical data. In chromatic mode, the twelve pitch-classes are named c, cis, d, dis, e, f, fis, g, gis, a, ais, h. In diatonic mode, the chromatic pitch-classes cis, dis, fis, gis, ais are mapped onto c#, e&, f#, g#, h&. The same applies to DoReMi mode, where additionally the diatonic pitch-classes are named do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si.

Note: Internally, always a full chromatic system is used for the representation of musical data; the "noteNames" setting controls only the textual output format. Furtheron, for textual input of musical data, all three systems can be used at any time, regardless of the "noteNames" setting.

Attention! The value "DoReMi" will be changed into "solfege" in the next version of SALIERI.

See also: System Settings.

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