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SALIERI Language - System Settings

A number of system settings control the overall behaviour of the SALIERI System. These system settings might be dependent of the implementation of the SALIERI System. Below, you will find descriptions of the system settings for SALIERI for Windows, version 2.2; currently these settings are saved in the workspace-file SALIERI.WSP and are automatically saved at the end of each SALIERI session and restored at the start of the subsequent session.

Within the SALIERI System, the system settings can be inspected and modified using either the System Settings Browser or the set and get commands from the command-line.

These system settings are available for SALIERI for Windows, version 2.2:

  • debug
  • dispTags
  • midiHoldFactor
  • noteNames
  • objDelMode
  • objOvrMode
  • seqDispFormat
  • stdInstr
  • stdIntens
  • stdTempo

    See also: set, get, System Settings Browser.

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