SALIERI - A General, Interactive Computer Music System

[Talk at ICMC'98 in Ann Arbor, Michigan; 98/10/04]

Introduction and Overview:

CM System Approaches / Design Goals / Features
General Approach

The SALIERI Language:

Main Features / Music Representation
Builtin/User-defined Functions
Demo 1: Music Representation - Bruder Jakob
Demo 2: Generation/Variation

The SALIERI System:

Overview / Components
Demo 3: WinSAL Basics
Architecture (ORCA)

Extensions to the SALIERI System

SALIERI Realtime Extension
Visual Components Programming (VISCO)
Demo 4: Aleatoric Analysis & Generation

Conclusions and Future Work (Zukuntsmusik):

General Application Areas / SALIERI Applications
Future Work
Demo 5: SALOME - Nachtmusik reconstruction
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