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SALIERI Language - Online Reference and Help

The SALIERI System is an interactive software environment for structure oriented composition, manipulation and analysis of music. It is based on the SALIERI Language, a newly developed programming language which has been designed to facilitate specification and manipulation of musical material on the score level.

This Online Help file contains information on the SALIERI Language and is part of the SALIERI for Windows documentation.

Select from the following Help Topics:

  • General Introduction
  • Objects & Workspace
  • Types and Constants
  • Operators and Expressions
  • Predefined Functions
  • User-defined Functions and Macros
  • System Settings

    Please visit the SALIERI System and Language Homepage at http://www.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/AFS/CM/SAL for information on SALIERI Implementations, additional Documentation, Demos and Applications and the latest News and Announcements.

    If you have comments or suggestions, please send email to hoos@informatik.tu-darmstadt.de.

    SALIERI Language Online Help, Version 2.0.7c; written by Holger H. Hoos and Jürgen Kilian partly based on earlier material by Matthias Streicher.

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