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SALIERI Language - intvExpand

intvExpand: segment x integer -> segment
intvExpand: sequence x integer -> sequence

Call syntax:
intvExpand(segm, int)

intvExpand returns the segment which is obtained by augmenting every interval in segm by int semitones (additive process); in this process, rests are being ignored and the first note of segm remains unchanged. Furtheron, primes (pitch repetitions) are not affected by intvExpand.

Positive int values cause the intervals to expanded, negative values correspond to a reduction of the intervals. However, in the latter case, minor seconds are never further reduced, so that the interval directions are always being preserved. intvExpand is a atonal (chromatic) operation; consequently, all alteration information is discarded and the resulting segment contains only unaltered notes.

intvExpand can be also applied to sequences instead of segments.

> seq:=[_/8 g1 h d2 g1 g2]
> intvExpand(seq,2)
Result= [ _/8 g1/8 cis2/8 fis2/8 a1/8 h2/8 ]
> intvExpand(seq,-2)
Result= [ _/8 g1/8 a1/8 ais1/8 f1/8 e&2/8 ]
> intvExpand(seq,-4)
Result= [ _/8 g1/8 g#1/8 a1/8 fis1/8 d2/8 ]
> intvExpand([c1/2 _ c/4 c c#],-1)
Result= [ c1/2 _/2 c1/4 c1/4 _ cis1/4 ]
> intvExpand([c1/2 _ c/4 c c#],+1)
Result= [ c1/2 _/2 c1/4 c1/4 _ d1/4 ]

See also: invert, transp.

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