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The SALIERI Project Website

Initiated in 1993 by Holger H. Hoos and Thomas Helbich, the SALIERI Project is an academic effort to study algorithmic aspects in music. Actual research topics include: The SALIERI Project is currently supported by the Computer Science Department and the Center for Interdisciplinary Technical Studies (ZIT) of the Darmstadt University of Technology; besides research aspects it encompasses lectures, courses, and the development of the SALIERI System, an interactive software environment for structure oriented composition, manipulation and analysis of music, which can be downloaded from this website.
- SALIERI Project News and Announcements
The latest news and announcements on activities within the SALIERI Project and updates of this website and its contents.
- SALIERI System and Language Homepage
Lates information on the SALIERI System, an interactive computer music environment and the SALIERI Language, a newly developed musical programming language. Includes the latest SALIERI implementations and extensive documentation for download.
- GUIDO Music Notation Format Homepage
Latest information on GUIDO, a novel approach for adequate music representation, including documentation, examples and software supporting GUIDO. Also features the GUIDO NoteServer, a unique online service for converting GUIDO Music Notation into conventional graphic scores.
- Publications
Publications on different topics of Computational Musicology, including Technical Reports.
- Project History
How the SALIERI Project became what it is today ...
- The People Behind it / Cooperations
The SALIERI Project's Little Who is Who ...
- Lehrveranstaltungen [in german]
Vorlesungen, Seminare und Praktika im Rahmen des SALIERI-Projekts
- Diplom- und Studienarbeiten [in german]
Abgeschlossene Diplom- und Studienarbeiten im Rahmen des SALIERI-Projekts
- Pressearchiv [in german]
Presseberichte über das SALIERI-Projekt und seine Aktivitäten

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