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SALIERI Language - Musical functions

The musical operations available in SALIERI are grouped into 3 categories: descriptor, variator, and combinator functions. Many of these are defined on segments and sequences alike, and some on sequences or segments only.

Descriptor functions

Descriptor functions are used to obtain information about musical objects, such as relative duration or ambitus; the following predefined descriptor functions are available in SALIERI:

  • parts
  • part
  • isRest
  • getPitch
  • getInstr
  • getIntens
  • getTempo
  • ambitus
  • duration
  • time
  • length
  • posNext

    Variator functions

    Variator functions are used to modify or variate musical objects; the following predefined variator functions are available in SALIERI:

  • fragm
  • transp
  • expand
  • invert
  • intvExpand
  • alter
  • instr
  • cresc
  • accel
  • infix
  • ins
  • del
  • retro

    Combinator functions

    Combinator functions are used to combine two or more musical objects into a new one; the following predefined combinator functions are available in SALIERI:

  • + (concatenation)
  • SEGM
  • poly
  • comb
  • merge

    See also: sequence, segment, predefined functions.

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